CBD ACDC (1:18) (CBD: 18% THC: <1%)

Let There Be Rock and Relaxation
  • Sativa Dominant
  • Light-Medium Yieds
  • 18:1 Ratio
  • Profound therapeutic results
  • Spice and pine-like undertones
  • 650 g/m2

Description:We may associate the abbreviation of ACDC with a legendary rock band, but it's a diminutive term for a painkiller with powerful anxiolytic effects. However, CBD ACDC (1:18) cannabis will rock your world and wellbeing by providing a relaxi... Read More

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CBD ACDC (1:18) (CBD: 18% THC: <1%)


Type Mostly Sativa
Yield 650 gr/plant
THC 1%
CBD 18%
HEIGHT 90 - 120 cm
Calming Focused Relaxed Uplifted
Citrus Earthy Herbal Lemon Pepper Pine Sour Spicy Sweet Woody
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean


We may associate the abbreviation of ACDC with a legendary rock band, but it’s a diminutive term for a painkiller with powerful anxiolytic effects. However, CBD ACDC (1:18) cannabis will rock your world and wellbeing by providing a relaxing all-over body sensation and gently lifts your mood without the THC cerebral highs. 

CBD ACDC (1:18) is a sativa-dominant weed strain, soaring in popularity among medicinal cannabis users due to its astoundingly high CBD content. This extraordinary marijuana variant is a phenotype of the renowned Cannatonic CBD weed variant.

These weed plants have slender olive-green fan leaves to allow plenty of light to penetrate and air to circulate. The buds emit a beautiful fragrance of natural pine and wood with a hint of citrus while blooming near harvest time.

CBD ACDC (1:18) cannabis plants can grow to manageable heights of between 3–4 ft. If you’re interested in seeing why this magnificent sativa strain is climbing to the top of the billboard charts, you can buy CBD ACDC (1:18) seeds here at United Strains of America. Soothe your body and enhance your wellbeing by cultivating these CBD marijuana plants today! 

Growing CBD ACDC (1:18)

CBD ACDC (1:18) marijuana crops are best grown indoors, thanks to their modest frame, but thrive outdoors in an ideal environment. They are easy to grow, but beginners may have difficulty trying to increase their harvest yields. Seasonal cultivators will enjoy tending to the cannabis plants’ needs and watching them thrive and prosper.

You can apply various cultivating techniques to increase the yields of CBD ACDC (1:18) plants, such as fanning or shaking the leaves to stimulate their growth. During mid-October, growers can expect yields of up to 18oz. per weed crop outdoors. Indoor yields are just as impressive, with harvests of flowers between 14–18oz./m2.

CBD ACDC (1:18) flowers between 9–10 weeks after germination. Depending on your preference, the marijuana plants grow well in a new or existing soil medium and hydroponic setup. Outdoors, these sativa-dominant weed crops love basking under the sun in temperate, continental, and Mediterranean climates.

CBD ACDC (1:18) can be prone to outdoor pests, so ensure you invest in a decent plant protectant spray to keep those pesky critters away. Provide these cannabis crops with half of the recommended nutrients during their vegetative stage, increasing to a full feed during the flowering phase. 

Fragrance & Flavor

When you light up, CBD ACDC (1:18) instantly transports you back to the golden years of classic strains with its aroma. Fragrances of citrus, earthy pine, and wood undertones fill the air with subtle scents of spice and herbs. The scent transfers to the taste, accompanied by intense lemon and wood flavors with a peppery herb tang.


CBD ACDC (1:18) weed is a nice, smooth leisure strain, elevating your mood and making you see the brighter side of life. With this one, you won’t experience cerebral highs but gentle clarity, enabling you to focus and exercise your mental abilities.

Soothing waves of relaxation lap over your body from the top to the bottom. Your muscles loosen, and tension slips away as your ailments take a back seat, allowing your body freedom to accomplish non-strenuous tasks. Your mind may also experience extra joy so that you can enjoy life once more.  

As this is a cannabis health variant, it contains an extremely low THC content of 1%. The CBD levels reach an impressive 18%, making it a must-have weed strain for all medicinal marijuana cardholders who prefer low THC strains.

There are no severe side effects from using CBD ACDC (1:18), so you won’t forget where your car keys are or frantically worry if you see a figure lurking outside your window. The only reported adverse side effect from this weed strain is a dry mouth, and you can easily treat it by drinking water. 

CBD ACDC (1:18) seeds

We can see why CBD ACDC (1:18) weed is flying off the shelves of dispensaries across the country. The high CBD content is the main contributing factor to its rising popularity among the worldwide marijuana community. This cannabis strain is ideal for folks looking for calming, soothing, and feel-good effects without the THC highs.

It’s easy to grow, especially indoors, and can thrive in any medium, producing decent yields for those familiar with cultivating tricks and techniques. The fragrances are a nice blend of old-school aromas, and it tastes just as good.

If you’re looking for a highway to heaven, CBD ACDC (1:18) seeds are what you need, and you can take the first step and find the path here at United Strains of America. Improve your quality of life by growing these cannabis seeds, and keep rocking out those groovy guitar riffs!



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