CBD Blueberry (1:16) (CBD: 16% THC: <1%)

No more blues with this blue wonder.
  • Indica Dominant
  • Light-Medium Yields
  • 16:1 Ratio
  • Outstanding medicinal strain
  • Sandalwood-like element
  • 450 g/plant

A certified top-shelf strain, Blueberry was hailed as the Best Indica in the 2000 High Times' Cannabis Cup. It blends the sweetness of its namesake fruit with a calming head to toe high that makes for a well-deserved evening of relaxation. It also sh... Read More

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CBD Blueberry (1:16) (CBD: 16% THC: <1%)

STRAIN PROFILE CBD Blueberry (1:16) (CBD: 16% THC: <1%)

Type Mostly Indica
Yield 450 gr/plant
THC 1%
CBD 16%
HEIGHT 90 - 110 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Migranes Nausea Seizures Stress
Focused Relaxed Uplifted
Berry Sweet Woody
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean

A certified top-shelf strain, Blueberry was hailed as the Best Indica in the 2000 High Times’ Cannabis Cup. It blends the sweetness of its namesake fruit with a calming head to toe high that makes for a well-deserved evening of relaxation. It also shares a hazy introspection, which distinguishes it from other variants.

Because of its desirable offerings, Blueberry has since been used in breeding new hybrids. Its most notable offsprings are Blue Dream, Blueberry Headband, Berry White, and Middlefork. These recreational blends allow the mind to ride high while the taste buds savor the lovely fruitiness that coats the tongue. If an outstanding medicinal strain with the flavor and grow tendencies of the legendary Indica is wanted, though, CBD Blueberry is the bud to find.

The therapeutic herb is a three-way cross among Blueberry, CBD OG Kush, and CBD Afghan. Its 16% CBD capacity quickly mitigates chronic pain, muscle spasm, appetite loss, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. A bonafide remedial variety, it is also potent enough to reduce seizures, which is a life-changing benefit to those who have epilepsy. What’s more, since it only holds 1% THC or less, the flower produces no psychoactive effects and, therefore, does not affect functionality.

Because CBD Blueberry is hardly ever available in dispensaries, securing ample supply of its buds entails growing the strain. The variant is easy to cultivate and is sturdy enough to withstand colder northern climates. Plus, for non-breeders, its feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co can be utilized to make cultivation even more straightforward. Indeed, a garden without males is the simplest way to achieve a massive harvest.

Growing CBD Blueberry Feminized Seeds

Apart from its dreamy effects, the genetics of Blueberry is sought-after due to its beautiful, easy-to-handle grow inclinations. Fortunately, its garden traits were passed on to CBD Blueberry. Hence, expect a plant with a relatively modest height, bushy foliage, and thick, sturdy branches. It does not require a lot of TLC but benefits from interior pruning to prevent risks of powdery mildew.

CBD Blueberry thrives in mild thermal environments but also does well in colder climates. Even nicer, exposing it to lower than usual nighttime temperature forces it to display its elegant dark plum hue. Note, though, that the process only beautifies the buds and does not increase its CBD content. If growing in soil, what can aid in the plant as it flowers is adding worm casting and bat guano as top-dressing.

Cultivating in a controlled setting with optimal conditions produce about 450 grams per square meter. To achieve such yield, maintain the temperature in the grow area around 21 to 26 °C. Also amend the humidity according to the growth cycle it is in. When flowering, the RH level should be at 40 to 50%, except on the last two weeks when it must be lowered to 30 to 40%. The variant is best grown in a Sea of Green (SOG) setup, and its fruiting cycle lasts for 7 to 9 weeks.

When grown in a sunshiny outdoor location, CBD Blueberry is sure to be generous. California, Australia, Southern Europe, and Northern Africa are its favorite places. In these cannabis havens a single plant can produce up to 450 grams. The good news is, it also performs quite well in colder regions, albeit slightly less productive. In the northern hemisphere, start collecting by early to mid-October.

Fragrance and Flavor

The essence of CBD Blueberry is as sweet and fresh as a basket of berries. Hooking consumers by the nose then by the taste buds, the subtle addition of sandalwood-like element makes it even more pleasurable to the senses.


Mellowing down with CBD Blueberry after a tiring, long day is a well-deserved treat. Even without the euphoric high, the mood boost ensures no negative vibe can ruin the night. The restored mental clarity and focus also makes the bud helpful when making decisions. It de-clutters the mind, allowing it to function at an optimal level.

The body, too, is going to experience an overwhelming calm. It eases discomforts away, making sure nothing can disrupt the moment of physical tranquility. The bud is not one to couch-lock, but the immense feeling of relaxation makes moving the least delightful. That being the case, ensure that there is a snack within reach, as munchies is sure to manifest after the first dose. Sleep is also guaranteed to happen, fading the chill-out pleasure into sedation.


CBD Blueberry was designed to provide health-promoting benefits. From simple headaches to debilitating chronic pain, its up to 16% CBD load regulates discomforts almost immediately. While some of its features can be obtained through high-CBD strains, using this CBD-rich bud comes with little to no side effects. In a worst-case scenario, only cottonmouth or dry eyes may be experienced.

Containing analgesic properties, the bud can mitigate persistent physical torments. It can also combat swelling, which is often the cause of the pain, thanks to its anti-inflammatory action. Due to this double offering, it is popularly employed against migraines, arthritis, PMS, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasm, and fibromyalgia. What's more, the flower may also decrease the occurrences of epileptic seizures.

Comfort is not complete without a happy mind. Fortunately, CBD Blueberry takes care of many psychological troubles, too. It is a potent anxiolytic and antidepressant agent that soothes anxiety, stress, as well as mood disorders like depression and manic-depressive illness. With the bud’s sedating properties, along with the absence of mental and physical troubles, insomnia cannot prevent or disrupt sleep.

Moreover, the variant halts nausea and vomiting, which is a common side effect of chemotherapy treatment. Then, it stimulates the appetite and increases hunger, resulting in increased food consumption. The latter is especially helpful to people suffering from eating disorders like anorexia.

Feminized CBD Blueberry Seeds

If cultivating a personal therapeutic stash is the route chosen, consider CBD Blueberry for nighttime relief. It efficiently alleviates chronic pain, appetite loss, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. The bud can also reduce seizures, which only extremely potent CBD strains can do.

Moreover, the variant is an outstanding medicinal strain with advantageous grow tendencies. It is straightforward to raise and can withstand colder northern climates. Even better, because of its Homegrown Cannabis Co feminized seeds, non-breeders need not use valuable resources on males that will only be removed anyway.



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