CBD Fruit Cheese / Cream & Cheese (1:1)

Wonderfully therapeutic and full of fruit.
  • Indica Dominant
  • 1:1 Ratio
  • Mild, Cerebral High
  • High THC
  • Signature cheesy scent
  • 400 to 600 g/m2

CBD Cream and Cheese will surely delight those seeking for a therapeutic and high-CBD strain bearing the hallmark traits of a classic Cheese. This well-balanced hybrid features glorious orange-streaked emerald-colored buds that retain the unmistakabl... Read More

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CBD Fruit Cheese / Cream & Cheese (1:1)

STRAIN PROFILE CBD Fruit Cheese / Cream & Cheese (1:1)

Type Mostly Indica
Yield 400 - 600 gr/plant
THC 22%
CBD 18%
HEIGHT 250 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Migranes Stress
Euphoric Happy Relaxed
Cheese Earthy Grape Grapefruit Orange Pungent Sweet
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean

CBD Cream and Cheese will surely delight those seeking for a therapeutic and high-CBD strain bearing the hallmark traits of a classic Cheese. This well-balanced hybrid features glorious orange-streaked emerald-colored buds that retain the unmistakable Cheese taste. However, it does not manifest the signature cerebral high. Instead, it delivers a rather smooth and mellow body relaxation along with a long list of medicinal benefits. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about the consequences of a mind-bending high because this strain is mostly non-psychoactive.

This genetic masterpiece is a product of infusing the classic UK Cheese with Seedsman CBD’s genetics which tamed its psychoactive effects and imbued it with high levels of the therapeutic cannabidiol. Meanwhile, it derives most of its noteworthy traits from its Cheese parent. This includes its delectable flavor, genetic stability, mold-resistance, prolific yields, gentle relaxation, and impressive pain relief potential. Such quintessential characteristics earned it a spot in Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s meticulously curated feminized seed catalog.

Growing CBD Cream & Cheese Feminized

This hybrid grows to be a branchy mid-sized plant with a sturdy, thick trunk and short internodes. Its buds are compact and incredibly sticky due to its thick coating of trichomes. Nevertheless, it is highly resistant to botyris and other molds - thanks to its Skunk lineage from the Cheese genes. So, much like its predecessors, it is not finicky with regards to nutrients and other requirements. Since it is quite easy to cultivate, it can be grown by novices and experts alike.

Providing the plant with a suitable growing medium is vital to maximizing its potentials. Using organic soil enriched with one-third coco coir is deemed best in fattening up the buds and enhancing its terpene profile. However, the benefits of a hydroponics setup are also far too compelling to ignore. After all, this soilless medium sets up the plant for faster growth and higher yields.

The use of the right horticultural techniques for further boosting growth and productivity are just as important as it could spell the difference between a dismal and prolific harvest. For this breed, low-stress training techniques such as the Screen of Green (SCRoG) technique work wonders in coaxing the branches to grow laterally. This creates multiple budding sites which then allow for a far bigger harvest. When applying this technique, coax the branches to spread out far from the main cola. This way, light and air can penetrate the new budding sites efficiently.

Combining ScroG with topping will also create more colas and boost overall yields. This technique is carried out by cutting the main cola in between the growth nodes when the plant is still in the vegetative stage. As these topped portions are exposed to air and light, the growth nodes will eventually form two new colas.

CBD Cream and Cheese thrives in both indoor and outdoor setups. Cultivating it indoors is ideal for close monitoring and management of climatic or environmental fluctuations. When grown indoors, expect it to yield 400 to 600 grams of dense, sticky buds per square meter after 8 to 9 weeks of flowering. However, this plant tends to achieve its maximum height and productivity outdoors. With ample sunshine and a warm, temperate climate, it can grow up to 250 cm in height and produce about 800 grams of top-shelf buds per plant by late September or early October.

Fragrance and Flavor

CBD Cream and Cheese inherited the signature cheesy scent and flavor of its Cheese parent although it must be noted that its pungency was toned down a bit. Nevertheless, it still allures the senses with its unique blend of aged cheese and sweet grapefruit fragrance with an undertone of earthiness.

Flavor-wise, it delights the palate with the unforgettable flavors of cheese, herbal spice, and orange tang that exquisitely complements its decadent scent.


The heavy-hitting psychedelic effects of Cheese strains used to be a problem for amateurs or those with low THC tolerance. But with the creation of CBD Cream and Cheese, more cannabis patrons can now relish the coveted cheese-flavored hits without the fear of greening out. After all, this hybrid is a high-CBD rendition of the classic Cheese.

With approximately 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, this strain induces the same relaxing feeling of Cheese without the overwhelming cerebral high. This is because its 18% CBD composition effectively counteracts and mellows out the psychoactive effects of THC even if it ranges up to 22%. Even better, its high-CBD genes reinforce it with potent medicinal benefits. This makes CBD Cream and Cheese an exquisite strain for winding down and remedying a whole slew of mental and physical ailments.

Upon consumption, a sense of happiness and relaxation will spread from the head down to the extremities. It is smooth and gentle enough to soothe the muscles and wash away stress but not potent enough to cause a lethargic couch-locking feeling. Thus, it makes for a perfect day-to-day companion for destressing. It can also be used anytime and anywhere without worrying about getting high or falling asleep.

Notwithstanding its high CBD levels, this strain still contains equally high levels of THC. Thus, it should be dosed carefully to avoid inducing adverse effects such as mild paranoia and anxiety. However, take note that some inherent side effects such as dry and bloodshot eyes, parched mouth, and dizziness will inevitably ensue regardless of the dosage. This is because these are naturally caused by the cannabinoid’s interaction with the receptors. Although it tends to dissipate on its own, frequent hydration will undoubtedly expedite the process of mitigating such symptoms.


Beyond its alluring scent and flavor, CBD Cream and Cheese exhibits stellar levels of cannabidiol which makes it a highly valuable medicinal strain. Its potent therapeutic effects provide fast-acting and long-lasting relief from ailments of all sorts.

For instance, its uplifting and anti-depressant properties take away the emptiness and profound loneliness brought upon by clinical depression. This happens when the synergy between THC, CBD, and its terpenes triggers the production and release of serotonin - the “feel good” neurotransmitter - which is often lacking in patients diagnosed with depression.

This strain could also be used for calming down in stressful situations such as when experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, and other anxiety disorders such as PTSD, social phobia, etc. This is because this hybrid has potent anxiolytic and relaxing properties that work in tandem to promote a calm and tranquil state of mind. Such calming effects also wipe out stress and deep-seated muscle tension with its muscle-relaxant features.

Patients suffering from debilitating pain will also find comfort in CBD Cream and Cheese’s potent analgesic properties. With the combined effects of its stellar CBD and THC content, it melts away mild to severe aches in conditions such as back pain, spasticity, dysmenorrhea, muscle cramps, headaches, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and many more.

It also features antiemetic properties that quell nausea and vomiting. This particularly beneficial for chemotherapy patients or those with binge and purge eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa. Smoking or vaporizing this strain is a great alternative route for patients who cannot swallow antiemetic medications.

Feminized CBD Cream & Cheese Seeds

Cheese strains have always been considered as the bonne bouche of cannabis strains. As such, it follows that its descendants are also legends in the making because it bears the coveted Cheese genes. The feminized CBD Cream and Cheese seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. is no exception to this. With its remarkable cannabinoid and terpene profile, dense trichome-laden buds, high-yielding capacity, ease of cultivation, as well as potent relaxing and therapeutic effects, it is seemingly everything that growers and consumers could ever ask for.



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