CBD Ratio (1:30) (CBD: 24% THC: 1%)

A miracle of modern genetics.
  • Very High CBD
  • Pines and Fresh Wood Fragrance
  • 500 gm/sqm
  • Very High CBD
  • Pines and Fresh Wood Fragrance
  • 500 gm/sqm

Cannabis strains are most known for two things: its psychoactive effects and therapeutic benefits. Most of the time, consumers prefer to experience both a thrilling high and soothing symptom relief. However, high THC concentrations in most strains of... Read More

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CBD Ratio (1:30) (CBD: 24% THC: 1%)

STRAIN PROFILE CBD Ratio (1:30) (CBD: 24% THC: 1%)

Type Mostly Indica
Yield 500 gr/plant
THC 1%
CBD 30%
HEIGHT 60 - 100 cm
Anxiety Depression Fatigue Inflammation Migranes Nausea Seizures
Calming Hungry Relaxed Uplifted
Pine Pungent Woody
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean

Cannabis strains are most known for two things: its psychoactive effects and therapeutic benefits. Most of the time, consumers prefer to experience both a thrilling high and soothing symptom relief. However, high THC concentrations in most strains often overwhelm those with low tolerance levels. Hence, those consuming cannabis for medicinal purposes opts for high-CBD strains that exert healing effects without any psychoactive buzz.

With the introduction of Homegrown Cannabis Co.'s feminized CBD Ratio seeds, it is now possible to reap the benefits of cannabis without worrying about greening out from an overwhelming high. This strain offers unparalleled CBD levels, possibly reaching 30% and almost negligible levels of THC.

While the origins of this strain remain highly confidential, one could rest assured that it bears the genes of two CBD-rich strains with highly stable and superior genetics. Hence, it is bound to exhibit exceptional traits such as ease of cultivation, abundant yields, and strong resistance against pathogens. More importantly, it is a feminized variety, so it ensures a male-free garden 99% of the time.

Growing CBD Ratio from Feminized Seeds

Cultivating CBD Ratio is a fuss-free endeavor suitable even for beginners. For one, this Indica-leaning hybrid sports a squat but robust build. Hence, it does not require much height management and can be grown indoors easily. Moreover, this strain is quite resistant to molds, pathogens, diseases, and unfavorable weather conditions, so it thrives in both sheltered and outdoor settings.

When properly cared for, it bears incredibly dense colas coated with loads of gluey trichomes. Given this compact and dense bud structure, this plant necessitates frequent pruning to improve the airflow and light penetration in the lower-branches. Doing so not only prevents bud rot, but it also increases the yields by encouraging the growth of multiple budding sites upon ample exposure to the light source.

To further maximize the productive potential, it is recommended to subject the plant to low-stress training techniques such as topping and the Screen of Green method. Opting for hydroponics as the substrate is also an excellent way of inducing vigorous growth. Pair this with 18 to 20 hours of exposure to 600-watt HPS/LED grow lamps and expect to harvest 500 grams of trichome-laden buds per square meter by the end of the 9th week of flowering.

Fragrance and Flavor

Properly cured CBD Ratio buds emit a penetrating fragrance of pines and fresh woods. Upon igniting and savoring its smoke, the taste of ginger tickles the palate and leaves a lingering aftertaste.


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the compound responsible for marijuana's psychoactive effects. On the other hand, Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound that counteracts THC's effects while providing loads of therapeutic benefits. Given the fact that this strain has up to 30% CBD and merely 1% THC concentration, it does not exert any of the herb's natural psychedelic effects. However, it does impart a soothing and relaxing sensation that keeps one calm without fogging up the mind or causing lethargy.

Despite its almost negligible THC levels, this strain is not devoid of the mild discomforts commonly associated with cannabis consumption. Bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth are inevitable side effects, regardless of the dosage. The good news, though, is that these symptoms are fleeting and can be remedied easily by frequent hydration.


This strain features a long list of therapeutic benefits that can alleviate a wide array of health concerns - thanks to its stellar CBD levels. These healing effects are also fast-acting and long-lasting. Thus, patients can reliably seek respite from torturous physical or psychiatric conditions for hours on end. Even better, these medicinal benefits come with little to no adverse effects due to the low THC levels.

Among the most prominent healing properties of CBD Ratio are as follows:

• Anti-depressant

• Anxiolytic

• Antiemetic

• Anti-stress/antioxidant

• Analgesic

• Anti-inflammatory

• Appetite booster

• Muscle relaxant

• Anti-insomniac

• Anticonvulsant

Notwithstanding the lack of euphoric stimulation in its effects, this strain contains potent anti-depressant properties that help manage the symptoms of depression and other mood disorders. It washes away gloomy thoughts and feelings of hopelessness by prompting the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, which plays an important role in mood regulation.

On the other hand, CBD Ratio's calming and anxiolytic effects work wonders in easing anxiety and other related disorders such as PTSD, OC, GAD, social anxiety, and phobias. It rids the mind of unnecessary worries and cynicism, then replaces it with a tranquil sensation that helps take off the edge. Similarly, its antioxidant effects clear the mind of stress.

Apart from the mentioned psychological impacts, this strain exerts potent painkilling properties that can remedy mild to severe pain. It is most useful in treating the following conditions:

• Migraines

• Chronic headache

• Arthritis

• Spasticity

• Back pain

• Sciatica

• Fibromyalgia

• Multiple sclerosis

• Chron's disease

• Neuralgia or neurologic disorders

• Dysmenorrhea or muscle cramps

• Epileptic seizures

Moreover, it is also the go-to strain of chemotherapy patients suffering from uncontrollable bouts of nausea and vomiting, as well as lack of appetite. This strain's potent antiemetic and appetite-stimulating effects help with the intake and retention of food in the stomach. Thus, combatting the perpetual fatigue and malnutrition in these patients.

CBD Ratio (1:30) (CBD: 30% THC: 1%) Feminized Seeds

CBD Ratio has made a name for itself in the medical cannabis scene with its exceptionally high CBD levels. With as much as 24% Cannabidiol content, it offers immense and long-lasting relief from debilitating discomforts of all sorts - be it physical or psychological in nature. Moreover, the lack of severe adverse effects makes it a better alternative medication that can be consumed without the fear of getting high in the process.

As delightful as it is to medicinal consumers, feminized CBD Ratio seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. are also just as gratifying to cultivate. Aside from an easy-to-grow nature, it bestows a prolific harvest of resinous, connoisseur-quality buds.



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