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Special Offers - Buy Cheap Hemp Seeds

Searching for a bargain or just want to try something new? Check out our special offers on cheap hemp seeds and get more for your money by spending less.


Here at United Strains of America we're really proud of our products but we're also really appreciative of the great relationships we have with you, our customers. Because of this we strive to bring you the very best new and established strains in the world today.

We're also really passionate about bringing growing to the masses. We advocate for making growing more accessible by offering a variety of seeds at discounted prices or on special offer.


Truthfully, there isn't one. Many customers suspect the seeds we sell on special offer cannot be of the same high quality as our other, full-price products. And they've every right to be suspicious, especially as low-calibre retailers often get rid of old or inferior stock 'on sale'.

As a trusted online retailer, customers of United Strains of America can expect the same authentic, fresh seeds, customer service and aftercare - regardless of cost or special offer.

Our Delivery Guarantee ensures seeds are delivered promptly and discreetly to your door while our Germination Guarantee offers peace of mind or a no-quibble, like-for-like replacement service should your seeds fail to germinate satisfactorily under optimal conditions.


While you can buy cheap seeds from a variety of retailers, online and walk-in, you can't guarantee what you're getting is what you've paid for. This is especially hard to determine when it comes to authenticity and freshness. After all, just because it's cheap shouldn't mean it's inferior.

With a reputation for high-quality seeds from a range of popular strains developed by carefully-chosen breeders, United Strains of America is your trusted online retailer for 100% authentic seeds.


Even the most experienced grower needs help from time to time! United Strains of America is with you every step of the way, with a variety of channels to help you get the best out of your seeds.

New to growing or a seasoned pro? We suggest you take a look at the United Strains of America grow advice site and access our comprehensive growing guide. Here you'll find everything you need for a successful grow - from germination to post-processing - it's the essential guide to growing !