Classic Haze with a CBD kick in record time
  • Sativa Dominant
  • Easy To Grow
  • Very Slightly Psychedelic
  • Relaxing effect
  • Pleasant sweet aroma
  • 300 to 500 g/m2

Description:Auto CBD Haze feminized seeds bring you classic Haze buds—uplifting and cerebral with spicy incense aromas and a dash of earthy sweetness. The difference? This sativa-dominant hybrid is an autoflowering variety enriched with a balanced ... Read More

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Auto CBD Haze (1:1)


Type Hybrid
Yield 300 - 500 gr/plant
THC 7%
CBD 7%
HEIGHT 120 cm
All Year
Focused Relaxed
Citrus Pine Spicy Sweet
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean


Auto CBD Haze feminized seeds bring you classic Haze buds—uplifting and cerebral with spicy incense aromas and a dash of earthy sweetness. The difference? This sativa-dominant hybrid is an autoflowering variety enriched with a balanced 1:1 THC/CBD ratio.

A cross between the famous Haze Auto XXL and Auto CBD, this strain retains its signature Haze genetics while offering a new advantage to users. It still induces an energizing hallmark high, albeit less intense and much more therapeutic. The equal CBD content counteracts the THC and the fierce psychoactive effects, making the buzz gently invigorating and simultaneously soothing.

With stabilized ruderalis and Haze genetics, Auto CBD Haze is a modestly-sized crop reaching 3–4 feet. Its thick, forest green foliage is characterized by narrow leaves, sturdy branches, and large internodal gaps. A fast-approaching harvest time brings you beautiful, elongated buds gooey with resin and covered in diamond-like trichome dust. They’re wrapped in curling sunset-colored pistils accentuating the light-and-dark green hues.

Auto CBD Haze feminized seeds promise lightning-quick harvests without the hassle of light cycles or pollinating male crops. Get yours from United Strains of America and start cultivating your own stash of sweet ‘n spicy CBD-rich buds.

Growing Auto CBD Haze Feminized

Unlike its predecessor, Auto CBD Haze is surprisingly easy to cultivate. Its indica and ruderalis traits make it resilient and versatile, ideal for gardens or grow rooms. That said, a degree of experience is essential. 

Auto CBD Haze plants are non-photoperiodic, so they flower automatically regardless of light schedule changes. They go from seed to harvest in just ten weeks. As such, these crops don’t have the luxury of a long vegetative phase. They can’t recover from high stress or injury, so even a small newbie error could be disastrous.

Despite its hardiness, this hybrid prefers mild conditions with warm, sunny weather—similar to a Mediterranean climate. Grow your Auto CBD Haze in organic soil to enhance the buds’ terpene profile. Adding one-third coco coir to the substrate promotes optimal root growth, aeration, and drainage. Outdoors, throw some limestone over the soil to prevent excessive temperatures from ruining your crops.

Plant your Auto CBD Haze feminized seeds directly into the final growing medium to prevent any stress caused by transplanting. Healthy crops yield a modest 10–17 oz. per m² indoors. In the garden, expect each crop to produce around 1–4 oz. of gluey, flavorful bud.

Fragrance and Flavor

Auto CBD Haze retains the same signature scents and flavors of OG Haze with an exotic twist. The nugs exude intense and intricate aromas of pine, spice, citrus, and a rich, earthy sweetness. These fragrances pass into the flavor—sweet and spicy with a sharp zesty tang. 


Auto CBD Haze has an equal ratio of CBD and THC, hovering around 7%–8%. It delivers an energizing yet mellow high without the super-charged sativa effects of OG Haze. The CBD content neutralizes the THC, effectively subduing the psychoactive aspect.   

As such, Auto CBD Haze is a terrific daytime treat that keeps you inspired, uplifted, and comfortably relaxed. The healing benefits of CBD are a bonus. After a few tokes, this weed cleans out the cobwebs, banishes bad moods, and sends stress to the abyss. Clear-headed and motivated, you can plow through your to-do list without the jitters or haziness of classic Haze.

Auto CBD Haze is perfect for social situations and artistic endeavors, too. It inspires creative thinking as fresh ideas flow freely. This strain won’t leave you lethargic, either. Its indica effects are subtle, inducing a peaceful calm over mind and body. Meanwhile, the soothing CBD properties work to ease pain, discomfort, and distress.

Despite Auto CBD Haze’s gentle effects, dry eyes and cottonmouth are still likely to manifest. Keep your water and eye drops close for quick relief. This weed can also trigger anxiety, lightheadedness, and paranoia in excess doses, so don’t overindulge. 

Auto CBD Haze Feminized Seeds

Auto CBD Haze feminized seeds are revolutionary additions to the Haze family. They blossom into fast-growing, all-female, medium-sized crops with a sativa-like structure. While adaptable and sturdy, these plants need an experienced hand to grow unabated by stress or injury. 

With a 10-week life cycle and autoflowering traits, Auto CBD Haze is a dream to cultivate. It produces syrupy sweet ‘n spicy nugs regardless of the light schedule or environment. When it comes to effects, this hybrid scores massive points, too. It’s energizing and uplifting while simultaneously relaxing and restorative—all without an intense psychoactive edge.

If you want Haze-tasting buds with soothing CBD qualities all in record time, then Auto CBD Haze feminized seeds are for you. Get these cannabis seeds from United Strains of America for your own revolutionary stash of sticky, CBD-rich sativa bud.



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