The stickiest of sticky sensations.
  • Indica Dominant
  • Very High THC
  • Quick Flowering
  • Strong buzz to mind and body
  • High THC
  • 490 to 600 g/m2

Regular Gorilla Glue Seeds

With a powerful aroma and enticing flavor, Gorilla Glue can easily lure users into its clutches. With one puff, it can make anyone want to come back for more. Even growers find it difficult to resist this award-winn... Read More

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Gorilla Glue Reg


Type Mostly Indica
Yield 490 - 600 gr/plant
THC 26%
CBD 0.8%
HEIGHT 190 cm
Anxiety Depression Insomnia Migranes Muscle Spasms Stress
Euphoric Relaxed Sleepy
Chemical Coffee Diesel Earthy Pungent
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean

Regular Gorilla Glue Seeds

With a powerful aroma and enticing flavor, Gorilla Glue can easily lure users into its clutches. With one puff, it can make anyone want to come back for more. Even growers find it difficult to resist this award-winning plant’s charm. With some Homegrown Cannabis regular seeds, though, they really do not have to. Why refuse a beauty that rewards its lucky users with heavy, gluey yield?

Gorilla Glue earned its name because of the copious amount of sticky resin it produces. Although notorious for being challenging to trim due to its adhesive-like buds, such syrupy trait is one good sign of its potency.

A three-way cross of Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubb and Chem’s Sister, the fifty-fifty Sativa and Indica beast can assure a strong buzz to both mind and body. It even has a chocolate-like scent that both recreational and medical users enjoy. It's no wonder the weed bagged Cannabis Cup awards in Michigan and Los Angeles in 2014.

Smokers can enjoy a mental flight while locked on a couch. Those who need relief from psychological and physical ailments can use it too. To have a huge stash, growers can also get their hands on its easy to grow regular seeds from Homegrown Cannabis. Why buy when cultivating the plant itself is so uncomplicated and rewarding, right?

Growing Gorilla Glue from Regular Seeds

Growing Gorilla Glue is painless. It doesn't need experienced hands or more than the necessary tools. The flora can also thrive in almost any setting just as long as it's not too cold or freezing. For beanies that are sure to grow handsomely, go for Homegrown Cannabis seeds.

True to its name, the shrub produces humongous, resin-filled nugs. Its foliage has a rich coating of crystal trichomes that makes it look even more magnificent. The only problem one will encounter with this beauty is harvesting its gluey buds. Nobody's complaining, though, because when it comes to cannabis, sticky is always better.

A true Indica even in structure, the shrub is fairly small. As such, it will not require too much space and is perfect indoors. With proper light, humidity, and temperature management, the weed should grow just fine. As it blooms, though, its cola will become too heavy for its body to carry, so be ready to install support. After flowering for 9 to 10 weeks, growers can expect a reward of 400 to 600 grams per square meter.

A sun-loving flora, it will fully prosper in a Mediterranean-like climate. It won't wilt and die in the northern areas, though. If planted when it's not too cold, and there's no frost, the weed should mature beautifully. Harvest no later than the end of September and enjoy 600 grams of sticky buds per plant.

Fragrance and Flavor

Gorilla Glue has a strong and pungent aroma that is mostly diesel, with some notes of chocolate and coffee. It also has a sweet and earthy undertone that, surprisingly enough, does a good job of providing some stability to its already powerful scent.

The weed's flavor is almost similar to its scent. An earthy, full-bodied, woody taste greets smokers on first puff. Then, on exhale, the smoke also leaves hints of coffee and chocolate aftertaste. Some experience a bit of chemical essence as well.


So aptly named, Gorilla Glue does have the strength of the beast. With a THC level that can reach up to 28%, this weed is one of the strongest ones out there. Its effects are instantaneous, and newbies shouldn't play with it. 

Tokers will feel the soaring cerebral buzz with just one small puff. A surge of euphoria will come charging in. It will drown any negative vibes and all the worries. In seconds, it is as if they never existed.

After just a minute or two, the strong calming sensation will bust in. From head to toe, it will not leave a single spot unrelaxed. The joints and muscles will soften into utter disuse. In a snap, it can turn an energy pill into a couch potato.

The high will last for around to 4 hours. While sprawled on the sofa, blissful thoughts will keep users company. Although immovable, the mind is running wild and free. It is traveling, unraveling things, and, most importantly, having a hell of a great time.

A definite no-no if one needs to be productive, it will couch-lock even the most seasoned veterans. For this reason, it is best enjoyed when spending a relaxing weekend with friends or after a long workday.


Gorilla Glue, a favorite among medical users, can soothe a variety of physical and mental ailments. One of its most popular uses is to provide a substantial relief from pain. To date, its most common consumers are those suffering from migraines, muscle spasms, and chronic back and neck pains.

Moreover, the joint can ease psychological troubles such as anxiety, stress, and depression. After a single toke, all the negative thoughts that loom their head disappear. Within seconds, they get to enjoy a happy, positive mental state.

Additionally, it gifts Insomniacs with a good, long sleep as well. What was once elusive is within reach all thanks to the ganja's strong sedating influence. Those with an eating disorder, on the other hand, regain their penchant for food due to its munchies effect. Edibles simply look so appetizing that a mere mortal cannot possibly resist.

As with most strains, Gorilla Glue can also cause adverse reactions. Inexperienced smokers or those sensitive to THC may feel paranoid or anxious. As mentioned, this dope has a soaring THC level that can and will overwhelm those who should not be toying with it.

Furthermore, the drying of eyes and mouth are pretty common. It can leave some users feeling irritated. To avoid or remedy such discomforts, drink plenty of water at all times.



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