A pure cannabis breed bearing LSD’s trademark
  • High THC
  • Berry, bubblegum aftertaste
  • 650 gm/sqm
  • High THC
  • Berry, bubblegum aftertaste
  • 650 gm/sqm

Cannabis lacing is a practice wherein the herb is mixed with other drugs to enhance its psychoactive effects. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) is among the most common drugs laced in cannabis due to its psychedelic effects. However, weed lacing is a ... Read More

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Type Mostly Sativa
Yield 600 gr/plant
THC 24%
CBD 0.7%
HEIGHT 60 cm
Euphoric Happy Hungry Relaxed Sleepy Uplifted
Berry Pine Pungent Skunk
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean

Cannabis lacing is a practice wherein the herb is mixed with other drugs to enhance its psychoactive effects. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) is among the most common drugs laced in cannabis due to its psychedelic effects. However, weed lacing is a risky gamble because even a tiny bit of excess can have an overwhelming consequence. With the safety of cannabis and LSD fans mind, Grow Your Own proposes a safer alternative to laced weed - a pure cannabis breed bearing LSD’s trademark trippy high.

LSD - a hybrid borne out of crossing Mazar-I-Sharif and Skunk #1 - is named after the hallucinogenic drug for its trippy psychedelic high. Such mind-bending effects are nicely balanced out by a relaxing - and almost sedating - sensation. This plant takes after its parents and exudes an earthy, flowery fragrance muddled with a sweet, skunky aroma that will surely entice the senses. Despite LSD’s alluring qualities, it must not be trifled with for it sports stellar THC levels of as much as 24%. This makes it an excellent recreational and medical strain.

Another appealing aspect of feminized LSD seeds from Grow Your Own is that these are quite easy to cultivate. As such, even beginners aspiring to master the art and science of cannabis horticulture can successfully grow almost 100% female plants and harvest insanely potent nugs. Not to mention, this is also an incredibly high-yielding plant so all hard work would ultimately pay off.

Growing LSD Feminized

Despite its namesake’s complicated moniker, LSD is a breeze to cultivate. This is partly because of its inherent resistance to molds, pests, and diseases. Apart from that, this unassuming plant rarely exceeds 2 ft in height, making it a perfect candidate for indoor SOG cultivation. Nevertheless, it can still be grown out in the open as long as the garden is not located in a rainfall-prone area where molds can quickly proliferate in the crevices of its dense buds. For best results, cultivate LSD in a warm, dry environment where it can soak in plenty of sunlight.

When cultivating indoors, ensure that there is adequate ventilation within the grow room while maintaining temperatures between 20-26C. Relative humidity levels must also be kept low to prevent inviting molds in the grow space.

In terms of boosting growth and productivity, there is no better way than to prune away the lower-lying branches or fan leaves. Doing so helps the plant focus its energy in developing more massive central colas instead of nursing popcorn buds on the side. Using organic soil enriched with worm castings and bat guano will also fatten up the buds nicely by providing all the essential nutrients it needs for growth and bud formation. After 7 to 8 weeks, about 600 to 650 grams per square meter (indoors) and approximately 500 grams of premium kush per plant (outdoors) will fill the basket to the brim.

Fragrance and Flavor

Sweet-toothed cannabis enthusiasts will undoubtedly savor LSD buds with delight. Every puff of this strain is bursting with decadent flavors of fresh juniper berries laced with a sweet bubblegum aftertaste. Meanwhile, it allures users with a pungent scent of pines and skunk.


Upon experiencing LSD’s sublime psychoactive effects, it will become apparent why this hybrid was named after ‘acid.’ Considering its sky-high THC levels, the general consensus is that this powerful strain is bound to satisfy one’s cravings for an otherworldly adventure with its psychedelic and downright trippy high. In fact, the most fitting description of the LSD experience is a kaleidoscopic roller-coaster ride of vivid colors, pleasant sensations, and giddiness that would envelop the mind in a hazy euphoria. That is precisely why it is best consumed when there is nothing important planned for the day.

The best thing about this hybrid is that it does not just leave the mind hanging in the clouds. Its well-balanced effects also exert a relaxing body buzz that keeps one’s awareness grounded to reality. Once the cerebral stimulation starts to subside, expect to be swept off by a wave of relaxation that banishes stress, fatigue, and other discomforts. Locomotion will also be compromised as the calming sensation weighs down on the body and compels it to with an irresistible urge to lie back on the couch - all while the mind continues to bask in blissful relaxation. Such qualities make LSD a perfect choice for de-stressing after a long, tiring day.

With 24% THC in its arsenal, LSD is not a strain to be taken lightly. Consumers - especially amateur ones - should be advised against overindulging in this hybrid as it could induce adverse effects such as lightheadedness, headaches, paranoia, and aggravated anxiety.

Nonetheless, mild discomforts such as dry eyes, cottonmouth, and dizziness are inevitable regardless of the dose because these symptoms are the result of the body’s natural reaction to cannabinoids. However, it could be easily mitigated by frequently hydrating.

LSD Feminized Seeds

Feminized LSD seeds from Grow Your Own produces potent buds that will never disappoint. Be it for adventurous tokers looking for a trippy kind of high, or a cannabis cultivator seeking to harvest prolific yields of premium kush, this plant can offer flavorful and aromatic trichome-speckled nugs with high THC potency. Additionally, it is also a high-yielding variety that is incredibly easy to cultivate. Not to mention its sublime psychedelic and therapeutic effects that uplift, relax, and heal all at the same time. With such exceptional traits, it is not hard to see why more and more tokers are now opting for this strain instead of smoking the laced variety.



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