Cannabis seeds in New York

cannabis seeds in new york


Not only does the Empire state boast a rich history and impressive, internationally-known landmarks, but it’s also a progressive state. Cultivating cannabis seeds in New York is now possible for many with recent changes. 


With its remarkable history, it’s wonderful to know that you can buy cannabis seeds in New York without reservation. The state’s impressive geography and climate make it a great environment to cultivate a crop that’ll help boost the economy. 


Join us to learn more about the regulations and the growing conditions in “the city that never sleeps.” We’ll also recommend our top strains to look for when you buy cannabis seeds online in New York


Let’s dive in!


Can you buy cannabis seeds in New York?

The change in the law permits possession and consumption of marijuana, but can you buy cannabis seeds in New York? Yes, you may. 


There could be a delay on when you’ll be allowed to start germinating those seeds—since you’d need to wait for the Office of Cannabis Management to clear it first—but there’s nothing that says you can’t buy marijuana seeds in New York while you wait. 


Top 6 strains to grow in New York

Given the beneficial conditions, the options for cannabis seeds in New York are abundant. We’ve compiled a list of the top six strains that would thrive in the Empire State. 


cannabis seeds in new york




Northern Lights Auto

For decades, Northern Lights never changed in reputation as the best Indica hybrid of all time. Typically, it transitions to the flowering phase 20-30 days after germinating the high-quality seeds from United Strains of America. After another 50-60 days, buds from Northern Lights Auto should be able to produce 350-500 grams of buds per square meter under 18/6 light cycle.

Even with an almost non-existent Sativa gene, the onset of this strain begins with a head-clearing high. As the intensity gently increases, it gives rise to feeling uplifted and euphoric. Quickly too, the mood shifts to upbeat. After some 10 minutes, the physical effects start to make its way to the body. As a result of muscles easing up while tension melts away, the sense of relaxation becomes more profound. 


Blue Dream Feminized

Originally created as a medicinal strain for anxiety and depression, this sativa-dominant hybrid provides a balanced experience. Buds from Blue Dream feminized seeds offer a cerebral high with a deep physical relaxation thanks to its 16–20% THC and 2% CBD content. 


Cultivating these feminized marijuana seeds in New York is a fantastic choice since the strain demands little to thrive. Just maintain a regular maintenance routine to help your plants reach optimal yields up to 21oz./plant outdoors (or per m2 indoors). 


AK-47 Autoflower

Don’t let the name scare you. Cultivating these cannabis seeds in New York is anything but devastating. While marijuana from AK-47 Autoflower seeds provides potent effects, its 20%THC and 1%CBD provide a cerebral high, leading to a deep sense of calm


While these plants may be small, they deliver moderate yields at 16–18oz./m2 when grown indoors and 12–18oz./plant outdoors. To help your plants thrive, use a greenhouse to cultivate these marijuana seeds in New York. Since they’re autoflower seeds, you can expect your plants to complete their growing cycle within 9–10 weeks. 


OG Kush Feminized

While no one knows what OG really means, we know that OG Kush feminized is one of those legends that everyone should try at least once. When it comes to the best cannabis seeds in New York, we couldn’t leave this icon off the list—it is the best strain of all time, according to High Times, after all. 


While you might find these flowers in New York dispensaries, why not enjoy the growing adventure by buying seeds from United Strains of America? These feminized beauties mean that you won’t have to worry about removing males and can focus on cultivating dense, sticky buds with around 19% THC.


OG Kush feminized seeds are resilient and very forgiving to new grower mistakes. Using high-stress training techniques, you could harvest up to 19oz./plant outdoors or 18oz./m2 indoors after just 7–9 weeks in flower. 


Marijuana seed in New York


Sour Diesel Feminized

If you enjoy a good wake-and-bake session, then Sour Diesel feminized is the way to go. With its 16–20% TBC and 0.7% CBD content, it’s the right stuff to start your day on a high note. Experience a thought-provoking, creative boost, and energizing high before tackling your daily tasks. Tread carefully, though, as too much of a good thing could leave you couch-locked. 


When cultivating these cannabis seeds in New York, ensure that your outdoor grow space is concealed as they can grow quite tall. Since these plants are susceptible to mildew and mold, they’re more suitable to experienced cultivators. 


Using the SOG method, you could harvest up to 18oz./m2 after 10–11 weeks of flowering if you’re growing indoors. For outdoor growing, you’ll harvest up to 25oz./plant in optimal conditions. 


Amnesia Haze Autoflower

Despite what its name may have you believe, Amnesia Haze autoflower provides an experience to remember. With its impressive gene pool, it’s no surprise that this award-winning strain is such a popular choice. 


Cultivating these cannabis seeds in New York takes a shocking 11 weeks to go from germination to harvest. As a result, your plants leave little room for mistakes. Use low-stress training techniques to help your marijuana reach its full potential yield of up to 10oz./plant outdoors or 12–14oz./m2 indoors. 


As one of the most potent strains, Amnesia Haze boasts a THC level up to a whopping 25%, making you the life of any party. We recommend starting with a very low dosage if you’re new to the cannabis experience, as the psychoactive effects could be overwhelming.  


Growing cannabis seeds in New York

Following cannabis legalization in New York, the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) allows locals to cultivate seeds at home. Before you start germinating those seeds, though, there are a few things that you should be aware of:


  • If you want to grow cannabis seeds in New York, you’ll have to wait for the Office of Cannabis Management to issue regulations first
  • It is illegal to sell home cultivated marijuana.
  • Whether growing recreational or medical cannabis in New York, you must be at least 21 years of age. Plants should be out of reach of minors.
  • You may grow up to six plants (three immature and three mature) at home for personal use. You may have up to 12 plants per household (six mature and six immature).
  • Local municipalities have the right to enforce regulations related to cultivating marijuana seeds in New York, but they may not prohibit it. 
  • It is illegal to produce hash concentrates or oil with homegrown cannabis using substances like alcohol, butane, or propane. 


Marijuana seeds in new york



Now that you know the limitations around growing cannabis seeds in New York let’s look at the growing conditions. 


If you prefer outdoor cultivation for your marijuana seeds in New York, then we have great news for you! The general climatic conditions in New York are considered humid subtropical or humid continental. These conditions provide a great environment for outdoor growing. 


Since chilly winters are still a significant threat, we recommend starting your young plants off indoors. You can bring them outside as the temperatures rise and daylight hours grow longer. 


You could also consider a greenhouse or grow tunnel to protect your cannabis seeds in New York from frost and cold snaps. 


Of course, this information is all hypothetical for when growing regulations change—but it doesn’t hurt to plan for when that day comes. 




Where can I buy cannabis seeds in New York?


buy cannabis seeds in new york


While you could get your seeds from New York dispensaries, you may find that your options are limited. When you buy marijuana seeds online in New York, you’ll find a larger variety, expert advice, and quality guarantees. 


At United Strains of America, we offer free, fast, and discrete delivery when you place an order over $100. We also have a germination guarantee where we offer a like-for-like replacement on any seeds that do not germinate under optimal conditions. 


Visit our wholesale seeds page if you’re in the market for larger offers. When you order 100 or more cannabis seeds in New York, we’ll hook you up with a dedicated account manager to help smooth things out. 


Endless opportunities 

Cannabis legalization in New York has shown us that we can expect the state to make big changes in favor of marijuana soon. It’s the first step toward sustaining your marijuana consumption independently.


Not only does it open doors for private consumption but businesses too—dispensaries, smoking lounges, growing clubs, 420 tourism—the possibilities are endless. 


While you wait for the cultivation regulations to change, check out United Strains of America. We offer incredible deals so you can get the highest quality seeds at the best prices.