A hybrid diverse genetic base
  • High THC
  • Skunky and lemony note
  • 400 to 450 gm/sqm
  • High THC
  • Skunky and lemony note
  • 400 to 450 gm/sqm

Amnesia Haze, with strong qualities in citrusy fragrance and holistic effects, certainly lives up to its reputation when well-grown. It is a very cerebral strain that has the presence of Indica genes to give calming sensations.The original Haze itsel... Read More

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Amnesia Haze Auto

STRAIN PROFILE Amnesia Haze Auto

Type Hybrid
Yield 400 - 450 gr/plant
THC 23%
CBD 0.6%
HEIGHT 80 - 150 cm
All Year
Energetic Happy Sleepy Uplifted
Lemon Pungent Skunk
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean

Amnesia Haze, with strong qualities in citrusy fragrance and holistic effects, certainly lives up to its reputation when well-grown. It is a very cerebral strain that has the presence of Indica genes to give calming sensations.

The original Haze itself combines the genetics of South American, Thai, Mexican, and South Indian Sativa plants. In developing Amnesia Haze, the genetics of Hawaiian and Jamaican varieties were also used as well as two Indica landraces - Afghani and South Asian.

It is practically impossible to find another hybrid that could boast of having such a diverse genetic base. More importantly, the incredible traits were duly recognized and culminated in being named the winner of the 2004 Cannabis Cup. It would also go on to win the 2012 Sativa Cup.

In the garden, it’s tall height, and long growth cycle can be a setback for many growers. For that reason, the genes of Ruderalis were added to create an auto-flowering variety. Typically for Sativa plants, it takes 10-12 weeks of flowering, come could even take up to 20 weeks. Auto Amnesia Haze, on the other hand, takes only 11 weeks from the time the seeds from Grow Your Own were germinated until it is ready for chop down.

Growing Amnesia Haze Autoflower

For all the qualities that made Amnesia a one-time overall winner of the Cannabis Cup, it is also a challenging plant to grow. More than the long flowering period, its frailties and quirks can test patience. The auto variety, on the other hand, is much shorter and actually a delight to tend to. Best of all, 11 weeks is all it takes once the seeds sprout before harvesting the long foxtail-like buds.

After germinating the seeds, it is best to place the seedlings in the final container. This is to avoid exerting stress by eliminating transplanting later to a bigger pot. Once settled and the root system develops, its vegetative growth rate is phenomenal.

Amnesia Haze Auto should not be subjected to injuries. Training methods that entail cutting should be avoided. Instead, low-stress training such as bending and tying is tolerable and could increase the yield.

This plant could grow anywhere from 80-150 cm tall. Indoors, under 600 watts of HPS, it could produce around 400-450 grams of buds. Outdoors, it flourishes in a warm climate, and each plant could produce up to 80 grams.

Fragrance and Flavor

Amnesia Haze auto exudes the same scent that made its photoperiod cousin a delight to the senses. Its odor is pungent and reminiscent if hash along with a skunky and lemony note.


Amnesia Haze Auto is packed with a high THC concentration of up to 25% - one of the more potent variants of its kind. The onset is a heady, head-focusing buzz that stimulates giddiness even from the gloomiest mood. And, if the intensity of psychoactive effects increases, it merely keeps the mind, and the body energized and motivated.

It keeps people feeling elated and thus makes for an excellent party strain. When shared with friends, it helps keep the atmosphere friendly and fun. Meanwhile, it also does not hinder productivity, and one could complete tasks with glee.

Its dynamic lineage, which contains notable Indica landraces, help keep the energetic buzz at bay. This makes it possible experience a high that is blissful yet functional. The physical effects are not massive. Instead, it takes away tensions and tightness in muscles.

For beginners, the sudden headrush may not sit well. So too is taking a high dosage. As a result, some people could feel momentary dizziness after an abrupt movement. Furthermore, it could also result in paranoia or anxiety. Even in moderate use, this strain is likely to induce cottonmouth and dry eyes.

Amnesia Haze Autoflower Seeds

Cannabis cup winners often are not merely by chance. It is the product of a well-thought of and painstaking breeding process. Amnesia Haze is excellent for use during the day, and its effects are mentally stimulating. It follows this up with a soothing body buzz.

Medical users, on the other hand, could use this strain in a variety of ways. Smoke or vape, or even extract its essence. Either way, the benefits are clear. It de-stresses and helps reduce pains.

However, the time it takes to cultivate the photoperiod is challenging. The flowering time alone takes 10-12 weeks. Moreover, at least one of its phenotype could take up to 20 weeks. Auto Amnesia Haze takes away that dilemma. 11 weeks is all it takes, and the buds are ready for chop down and post-harvest drying and curing.



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