• Medium THC
  • Good Auto Yields
  • Cheesy Aromas
  • Robust cerebral buzz
  • Citrus and cheese aroma
  • 350 to 450 g/m2

Big City Buds

 We created this new strain with beginners in mind, so if you're about to lose your cannabis cultivation virginity, we promise to be gentle! This newbie-friendly strain is great fun to grow and it's unlikely to cause you mu... Read More

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Big City Buds


Type Hybrid
Yield 350 - 450 gr/plant
THC 18%
CBD 0.3%
HEIGHT 150 cm
All Year
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Insomnia Migranes Stress
Euphoric Happy Relaxed Sleepy Uplifted
Cheese Citrus Earthy Lemon Pine
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean

Big City Buds


We created this new strain with beginners in mind, so if you’re about to lose your cannabis cultivation virginity, we promise to be gentle! This newbie-friendly strain is great fun to grow and it’s unlikely to cause you much hassle, provided you give it basic levels of care. Despite the fact it doesn’t take much effort to grow it, the high is still immensely pleasurable. Some, in fact, might call it orgasmic.

Once it’s over, though, you’ll surely be ready for a long, deep snooze. This Indica-dominant bud takes no prisoners when it comes to delivering a strong, narcotic and soporific stone, so it’s best enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, where you can retire safely to your bed once the urge to nod off arrives. 

The Lowdown…

Big City Buds is an Indica-heavy newcomer, and is quite possibly the best strain you’ve never heard of. It’s still making a name for itself in the widely-expanding cannabis scene, but it’s already proving popular among those in the know. It’s tasty and hard-hitting, with an impressive family tree and a long list of potential benefits – both recreational and medicinal. 

As ‘friends with benefits’ go, this is a good one to have around, and it’s a perfect companion for some Netflix and chill before hitting the sack. Despite its Indica dominance, its THC levels top-out at around 20%, which ensures an out-of-this world high before the deep relaxation descends in full force. 

Home-growing may be your only option, since this elusive strain is seldom seen in dispensaries. The really great news is that its autoflowering nature makes it flower independently of light cycles, which is great when it comes to ease of growth. If you’re feeling frisky, you could even have multiple harvests in a single season, and you know what that means – more delicious buds to either share with your friends or save for a rainy day, or perhaps a bit of both!

How to Grow Big City Buds

Not only do these autoflowering beans from United Strains of America make things easier in the garden – they also make them faster. In fact, the journey from seed to harvest takes just 10 to 11 weeks. Germination comes after a week or two, and the plant then flowers for 6 to 7 weeks. It needs hardly any face-to-face time at all, but showering it with plenty of nutrients is a nice way to show it that, deep down, you care. 

Space is unlikely to be an issue either, since the plant reaches a maximum height of 5 feet tall. If you want a hassle-free experience that’s topped off with a big harvest, your best bet is to grow it indoors. The choice of medium is up to you: you can use either hydroponics or soil, with the former bringing more vigorous growth and the latter boosting the pungency of the buds. If you want to maximize a small indoor space, going for a Sea of Green set-up is a great idea, and could produce up to 1.47 ounces per square foot. To make this worthwhile, you’ll normally need to grow at least four plants simultaneously. 

Big City Buds contains a useful twist of Ruderalis genes that give it all the protection it needs to thrive outdoors – even during winter months – in warm areas such as the Mediterranean, Spain and Italy. If you want to plant it in a colder region such as Northern Europe, you should complete your cultivation adventure during the warmer months. Harvest can come as early as July or as late as October. 

A word of warning, though: if you do decide to grow al fresco, the yields will not be as impressive, with each plant producing only 3.5 to 7 ounces even in ideal settings. Don’t be despondent, though, because there’s always a workaround solution. You can get a higher overall turnout by batch-growing or opting for multiple cropping seasons.

Flavor and Bouquet


In terms of bouquet, there are so many notes and nuances that it’s difficult to know where to start. Put simply, this hybrid contains a complex fusion of diverse flavors and aromas, with a lemon and cheese scent and a strangely sour yet earthy kick present in every toke. As if that isn’t enough to get you salivating, there are also hints of fresh pine and sawdust. The taste is a near-perfect translation of the fragrance, but the citrus and cheese notes are more evident, with just a hint of pine and a twist of licorice. 


Unwinding is the name of the game when it comes to Big City Buds. Things get off to a flying start with a robust cerebral buzz that erases worries and woes, banishing them to a place that no negative thought can reach. Your very soul will feel as though it’s been zapped by a bolt of electricity, with state of euphoria suddenly taking over. 

The soaring high is quite short-lived, though. Before long, a calming ripple will move from the back of your head, down through your neck, and into every last inch of your anatomy. Once that happens, you’re on a countdown to oblivion. Within a matter of minutes, you’ll feel an intense lethargy, with almost any kind of physical activity becoming utterly unimaginable for a least a couple hours. There’s no point trying to fight it – you may as well just sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort of your own thoughts for a while. Before long, we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll nod off to sleep.

There are potential medicinal benefits too, with Big City Buds’ therapeutic applications ranging from the easing of psychological issues to the alleviation of chronic pain. Particularly useful is the fact that it kicks in quickly and lasts for hours. Its onset is so rapid that relief may be only a toke or two away.

The strain’s unique brand of ‘positive’ high bestows a clear and uplifted mindset that may significantly brighten up the day for those struggling with stress and depression. It often leads to a severe case of the ‘munchies’, which can be game-changing for patients suffering from appetite loss and eating disorders. And then there’s its sedative nature, capable of delivering a long-lasting, restorative snooze that even insomnia cannot disrupt. 

Aside from all the above, it’s also said to be a potent painkiller that may ward off the uncomfortable symptoms of migraines, eye pressure and arthritis. 

The Final Word…

To sum up, Big City Buds is a delicious and highly potent strain whose popularity looks set to rise exponentially. This elusive plant is hard to come by in dispensaries, but you can grow your own crop with these autoflowering magic beans from United Strains of America. It’s seriously simple to cultivate and high-yielding to boot, so you can bet your bottom dollar that a copious stash is but a harvest away. With this herb on the cards, you just know you’re gonna get the ride of your life. 



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