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Mochalope is a luscious cultivar that lives up to its name. It's a three-way cross between Oregon Afghani, Chocolope, and Afghan Kush, with each strain bringing something unique to this indica-dominant hybrid. Oregon Afghani is a landrace indica with... Read More

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Mochalope Fem


Type Mostly Indica
Yield 600 gr/plant
THC 24%
CBD 0.7%
HEIGHT 100 - 150 cm
Anxiety Insomnia Migranes Stress
Calming Sedative
Chocolate Earthy
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean

Mochalope is a luscious cultivar that lives up to its name. It’s a three-way cross between Oregon Afghani, Chocolope, and Afghan Kush, with each strain bringing something unique to this indica-dominant hybrid. Oregon Afghani is a landrace indica with sweet, earthy scents and a calm euphoria. Chocolope is a potent sativa and among the most popular chocolatey cannabis strains around. Finally, Afghan Kush is an indica with resinous buds that make mouths water. Can the result of this blend be anything less than sumptuous?

This marijuana crop grows to between three and six feet of deep-green beauty. An introductory-level challenge for the grower, it yields bountiful, compact buds, emitting scents of coffee and chocolate after short eight weeks of ripening. 

The flavor profile can sometimes lie, as is the case with this variety. It’s a sleepy smoke, perfect for late PM hours when you need some heavy-hitting, fast-acting relaxation.

Order a pack of Mochalope feminized seeds here at United Strains of America. Our quality products are your key to a successful, aromatic garden to ease your days and elevate your nights.

Growing Mochalope Feminized

This cannabis crop sports a traditional indica appearance, growing short and stout and dedicating most of its energy to lateral branching. Its genetics grant it various resistances to make a genuinely beginner-friendly marijuana plant. Plus, our Mocholope feminized seeds guarantee only female weed, posing no risk of accidental pollination in your bud. 

The versatility makes it possible to grow Mochalope indoors and out. Inside, the Sea of Green method and hydroponics both do wonders for boosting already generous harvests of 19 oz./m2. These buds reach full maturity in week eight of flowering, developing milky white resin hinting at potency.

Pot farmers in sunny, warm, and dry climates are free to plant in outdoor soil. Ensure ample sunlight exposure and protect your crops from harsh wind and heavy rainfall, and over 21 oz. of fragrant flowers await in mid-September.

There’s not much to worry about while cultivating Mocholope. The only real cause of concern is mold, which collects among the dense foliage and harms your buds. Get good at trimming, and there’s nothing between you and a healthy harvest.

Fragrance and Flavor

Mochalope is a fave among sweet tooth stoners. Rich fragrances of chocolate, coffee beans, and earth ooze from its trichs. It gets even better after you light it up. The creamy smoke contains spice and fruitiness to refresh the taste buds, leaving a Mocha aftertaste on the palate. 


Mochalope is a sweet-tasting THC powerhouse, reaching up to 25% of this psychoactive cannabis component. It’s low-CBD (under 2%) and quite a punch for the mind and body, but one as enjoyable as the fragrance of this saccharine herb. 

The effects are primarily physical, but your brain enjoys some of the fun, too. You’re blissful and lost in the sheer tranquility of this high. There are no anxious thoughts, annoyances, or grievances raining on your parade—just a big smile mirroring your innermost feelings.

When it comes to the body, you’re up for a ride of delight. It’s intensely and immediately sedative, inducing a steady stone upon the initial inhale. The effects leave the limbs heavy and relaxed. You’re unwilling to move as the drowsiness blurs the edges of your vision. The high dissipates into a night of deep sleep.

Remember the potency as you revel in the flavors. This herb isn’t something to smoke carelessly. Overdoing it leads to bloodshot eyes and a dry mouth. In worse cases, there’s also dizziness and increased anxiety levels. 


Mochalope is a delectable, high-THC strain ideal for recreational use. It’s also potent cannabis therapy. Its health-promoting terpenes, strengthened by its psychoactive properties, make it an ideal natural alternative to sedatives and painkillers.

There’s peace of mind coming with this high. It relieves symptoms of pesky mood disorders, ridding you of anxiety, depression, and general tension. Spending time in such a happy place improves your overall outlook on life, providing potential for longer-term relief. 

This strain is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic magic worker in the physical department. It provides a remedy against chronic head and body pain. Medical marijuana users choose it to combat migraines, back pain, arthritis, muscle spasms, and other nasty conditions requiring relaxation.

There’s aid coming for the insomniacs, too. These flowers send you off to dreamland several hours into the high, and it pays no heed to sleep disorders before doing so. As a result, you wake up the following morning happy, pain-free, and ready to take on the day. 

Mochalope Feminized Seeds

Do you feel like replacing sugary desserts with an equally delectable after-dinner treat? Mochalope is your weed of choice. It’s the thing to replace your prescription meds, too, and a nudge in the direction of pure, uninterrupted calm outlined with joy.

Growing these cannabis plants from seed doubles as an air freshener for your entire home or backyard. Ample yields arrive without much effort on your end. You’re left with mason jars full of weed treats & therapy that puts a smile on your face and a pep in your step (the day after your smoking sesh, though.)

Start your experience with Mochalope feminized seeds from United Strains of America. You get safe, discreet shipments, a germination guarantee, and product quality to set the stage for a flourishing marijuana garden.



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