A remarkable Sativa, an award-winning strain
  • Euphoric buzz
  • Earthy, citrusy, piney
  • 1500 gm/plant
  • Euphoric buzz
  • Earthy, citrusy, piney
  • 1500 gm/plant

Arguably, Haze is the most recognized pick-me-upper strain in the world. Its lineage consists of Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and South Indian strains - all of which are landraces.Since making first appearance back in the 60s, not many strains could mat... Read More

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Super Silver Haze Fem

STRAIN PROFILE Super Silver Haze Fem

Type Mostly Sativa
Yield 800 gr/plant
THC 21%
CBD 0.5%
HEIGHT 80 - 110 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Migranes Muscle Spasms Pain Stomach Ache Stress
Creative Energetic Euphoric Happy Hungry Uplifted
Citrus Diesel Pine Spicy Sweet
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean

Arguably, Haze is the most recognized pick-me-upper strain in the world. Its lineage consists of Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and South Indian strains - all of which are landraces.

Since making first appearance back in the 60s, not many strains could match its energizing and creative mental stimulation. In any review or lists of the best Sativa varieties in the world, it is practically impossible not to see Haze or any of its numerous award-winning descendants included.

If there is one weakness, then it is the length of time that it takes to grow the plant. Compared to typical Sativa varieties, it has a more extended vegetative period. Moreover, the flowering period ranges from 12 to 16 weeks.

Thus, to create a new hybrid based on Haze, one trait that needs tweaking is the growth rate. So, that is where Northern Lights and Skunk #1 comes in. In using those two classics, the idea is to pass on Indica growing pattern. The physical effects also complement the cerebral high by serving as an anchor to keep the stimulation from becoming overbearing. This three-way cross led to the birth of Super Silver Haze which went on to be a three-time Cannabis Cup winner in 1997, 1998, and 1999.

For fans of Haze, United Strains of America now has the feminized seeds of Super Silver Haze. Among the top varieties in this lineage, it is most likely the least difficult to cultivate. More importantly, its yield is insane.

Growing Super Silver Haze Feminized

Beginners in plant cultivation will have to spend some time to learn the fundamentals. Super Silver Haze do require more attention and tending to, but it is also somewhat less finicky than the original Haze. A big reason for that is the resilience inherited from Northern Lights and Skunk #1.

It is a tall plant that requires planning before plunging in. Among the most crucial factors to consider is the height of the grow room. The stature of the plant can be manipulated. For optimal results, training is required - and one of the best ways to make it easier to maintain as well as boost the yield is to use the Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique.

Manipulating the bud sites to appear on the top canopy on an even layer also brings forth one significant benefit apart from the size of the harvest - all the buds receive the same light intensity at an optimal distance. As such, the quality of the whole crop will be at a high level and consistent with each other.

As an option to ScrOG, experienced cultivators could also use the Sea of Green (SOG) technique. It requires maintenance to keep the height in check as this strain tends to shoot upwards. Under this method, tens of cuts could be obtained and cloned. It also cuts down the vegetative phase by forcing flowering earlier than usual without compromising on the overall yield.

After flipping, it takes up to 11 weeks of flowering to be ready for harvest. In this regard, Super Silver Haze showcases why it is superior to its kins - a shorter flowering period but having a higher yield of up to 800 grams per square meter.

Outdoors, meanwhile, this plant can really stretch upwards. It prefers a warm location. The harvest time is also earlier than the original Haze with each plant producing up to a whopping 1500 grams by mid-October.

Fragrance and Flavor

Super Silver Haze deviates from the Haze lineage by exuding a sweet and earthy odor with an intense citrus note. On closer inspection, subtle hints of pine, incense, and spices could be detected especially by veteran connoisseurs.


During the onset and throughout much of the duration, and it could last for hours, the characteristic euphoric buzz of its heritage is evident. It is an excellent pick-me-upper that knocks off the cobweb from the brain to jump start the day. Moreover, it also enhances the ability to focus as well as provoke creative thoughts and ideas. The heightened senses also make one feel more sensitive to the surroundings.

The beauty of Super Silver Haze with regards to the experience is that it is not limited to cerebral stimulation. After some time, a generally pleasing sensation sweeps over the body. It ushers in the sense of happiness that serves to brighten up the day further.

If the dosage is a little bit on the high side, then the experience could turn intense. Some people might find it difficult to focus on a task as the mind takes on a trippy ride.

Some common reactions to its use include the mouth and the throat feeling dry. Having bloodshot red eyes, getting a headache, or feeling dizzy is also a normal occurrence.

Super Silver Haze can be overbearing too if the dosage is over personal limitations. In this case, it is possible for some individuals to feel highly anxious or paranoid.


Mostly, the allure of going with a Sativa is because of the euphoric high. For many people, it is a means to take the mind away from the daily hassles of life and for a few hours, feel uplifted and happy. Apart from functioning as a stress-reliever, it is also quite capable of putting an end to negative thoughts and emotions - be it a psychological or physiological issue. Some of the mental conditions that it could help with are PTSD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression.

It is an excellent painkiller that could provide a reprieve from pains caused by chronic and auto-immune diseases.

Be prepared for a severe case of the munchies too. Having some snacks on the side saves the trouble of getting up to find food. Some people with eating disorders should find good use for this strain.

Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

Haze is a remarkable Sativa that is difficult to match. However, it takes a long time to cultivate - and that is why Super Silver Haze exists. It delivers the same cerebral effects but complemented by gentle body high. Cultivating the plant at home using the feminized seeds from United Strains of America is also much easier than Haze. It requires work, but in the end, the rewards is more than adequate to compensate for the time and effort



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