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The USA’s Best Selection Of Hemp Seeds - Order Hemp Seeds

Our range of hemp seeds has been carefully-curated to cater for growers and consumers of all types. Whether you’re a grow-pro, new to growing or growing for recreational or reasons, United Strains of America has the seed and strain for you! We’re proud to stock a range of hemp seeds from the most popular strains around today. Whether you’re searching for speedy autos, super-reliable fems or just want to try something new, browse our range and find your new grow project today.

    Spend Less, Get More


Feminized seeds or ‘fems’ are the most popular choice of seed for those growing at home or on a small scale. Taking the guesswork out of growing, feminized seeds are guaranteed to produce the bud that growers desire for smoking and consumption. With feminized seeds the plant you grow is the plant you get, simple! 

If you’re new to growing or just impatient to enjoy the fruits of your labors, autoflowering seeds are the way to go. Fast-growing, with a simple lighting schedule and super-resistant to pests and mold, cultivating autos is almost foolproof - a great way to build your confidence as a novice grower! If you’re a grower looking for a quick payoff, autos are also a good choice. Strains grown from autos achieve maturity much faster than other types of seed - in as little as ten weeks for several strains - and can be grown year-round to boot.  

For more advanced growers, regular seeds are a popular choice. In fact, for those looking to grow for breeding purposes, choosing regular seeds is a no-brainer. Regular seeds are renowned for their strong genetics and stable characteristics, making them the ideal starter seeds for developing excellent parent plants. 

Each and every strain in our catalogue is the result of months of meticulous strain-hunting and careful consultation with the USA’s leading breeders and growers. It sometimes takes several generations to arrive at the reliable genetics and great strain traits our growers expect but we’re fully committed to only stocking the best seeds in the USA. 


More and more people from all walks of life are turning to as an effective way to manage a range of physical and psychological ailments. Reasons for this range from the practical (the prohibitively high cost of manufactured drugs being a good example) to the holistic (the scientific research on is proving its effectiveness on a whole body scale). Among this trailblazing group, budget conscious, adventurous and curious users are turning away from dispensaries and stores to grow their own . 

Our catalogue contains a wide range of ly-useful strains - those typically containing higher levels of or (depending on your particular ailment). More ent strains containing higher levels of are ideal for patients looking for pain relief or to improve low mental state while strains containing more tend to suit patients looking for respite without the ‘high’ associated with consumption. 

We aim to make cultivation accessible to growers from all walks of life and many of our strains are available in regular, feminized or auto seed varieties. We believe that opening up growing for the masses both empowers patients AND advances the importance of as a legitimate treatment. We’ve got your back!


Whether you’re looking to grow a more ent strain for or recreational use - be it for a long-lasting high or overnight pain relief - United Strains of America stock a specialist selection of strains containing ent amounts of or . 

Like many of our strains, these specialist seeds are available in regular, feminized or auto varieties and can be purchased in a choice of pack sizes to match the size of your grow, your level experience or your budget. 


While you can buy cheap seeds from a variety of retailers, online and walk-in, you can't guarantee what you're getting is what you've paid for. This is especially hard to determine when it comes to authenticity and freshness. After all, just because it's cheap shouldn't mean it's inferior.

With a reputation for high-quality feminized, regular and autoflowering seeds from a range of popular strains developed by carefully-chosen breeders, United Strains of America is your trusted online retailer for 100% authentic seeds. 

Our special offers are constantly updated and cover many different strains and all seed varieties. We guarantee there’s an offer to entice everyone - from newbie grower to pro harvester - so why don’t you check out our Cheap s Seeds today and grab an awesome bargain?