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United Strains of America (USoA) is the dreamchild of two Californian friends who saw an opportunity to share a passion for growing amazing hemp with their fellow Americans.

After months of meticulous planning and prep - strain hunting all across America and beyond to bring you the most stable, quickest germinating and highest yielding hemp strains in the world today - they are finally ready to start their next growing adventure with all of you.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s fair to say you’ve got more than a passing interest in hemp. Maybe you’re a seasoned grower, maybe it’s your first batch, maybe you’re just curious to know more about growing your own. It doesn’t matter to us, it’s awesome to have you with us.

There’s something really special about cultivating your own hemp. Sure, in most cases, it takes time, effort, grit and dedication but the end product… those green, sticky, drippy, ooozy buds laden with aromatic resin makes it all worthwhile. But growing your own hemp isn’t just self-satisfying, it’s also a cost effective and practical approach to hemp consumption.

We believe in hemp growing for the masses and we’re passionate about making it accessible to all. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a compact grow cabinet stashed in the basement or a couple of acres out back, USoA has your back when it comes to choosing the seeds best suited to your growing aspirations.

With a seed bank boasting over one hundred of the world’s best-selling hemp strains in a choice of seeds that include feminized, regular and autoflowering varieties. In fact, our founders believe that our seed quality, customer service and prices - just like our country - simply cannot be beat!

USoA is big enough to give you the choice you expect from a leading online retailer but still small enough to help you every step of the way. Our Germination Guarantee ensures you buy with complete confidence while our comprehensive Grow Guides will help you avoid many of the mistakes our founders made at the start.

So if you’re ready to start your next (or first) hemp growing adventure, we’ve got your back!

Grow at home. Grow your own.


Our Delivery Guarantee ensures your seeds are delivered promptly and discreetly to your door. They will be carefully packaged and ready to sow.

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Our Germination Guarantee offers a no-quibble, like-for-like replacement service should your seeds fail to germinate satisfactorily under optimal conditions.



Visit our grow advice site for comprehensive growing guidance or check out the community page and start a conversation with like-minded growers (coming soon)!

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