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United Strains of America, located in southern California, offers premium Hemp seeds at wholesale prices. When buying more than 100 seeds, you’ll work one-on-one with a dedicated wholesale account executive. Or, if you are in the market for less than 100 seeds, you can buy feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, fast version seeds or regular seeds directly from the website.

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We have over 500 cultivars to choose from and no order is too big. Since our wholesale hemp seeds are already located in our USA warehouse, customers benefit from fast, free, and discreet shipping. Avoid delays that many of our competitors face as they navigate customs – risking the delivery of your bulk seed order.

Whether you are growing for beautiful flower, extraction, or biomass – we have , beginner/easy-to-grow seeds, mixpacks and weekly deals ready for purchase in large volume.

Need counsel for your recreational or large scale grow? United Strains of America has a team of industry experts available to help you tackle your challenges.

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Check out the top five strains our experts selected for your climate zone.

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Why Buy Bulk Hemp Seeds?

There are plenty of reasons to buy seeds in bulk, but arguably, the most compelling of them all is savings.

Our bulk Cultivars come at a generously discounted price, so you’re saving already. We also provide free tracked shipping for wholesale orders to sweeten the deal even further.  

Why spend more money when you can pay less and save some dollars for something else? When you buy bulk seeds, you can put the extra cash towards your business, indoor setup, outdoor garden, or that sweet new hydroponic system.

Whether you’re a dispensary owner, an entrepreneur, a large-scale grower, or a recreational cultivator,  you’ll save big bucks our wholesale Cultivars.

Not convinced? Here are a few more reasons to buy Hemp seeds wholesale:


It’s More Convenient

Despite fast-growing legalization across America, buying hemp seeds can still be pretty stressful. Old stigmas, nosy neighbors, and less-than-understanding family members can make your life difficult, especially when you have to order hemp seeds regularly.

When you purchase bulk strains, you only have to contact your USoA account executive once in a while.  

It’s much more convenient to order, pay, and collect your wholesale strains less frequently.


You’re Better Prepared

From a business perspective, buying bulk hemp seeds helps you meet customers’ demands. The last things you want are empty shelves and disgruntled patrons.

Whether for business or personal reasons, you can schedule your grow cycles more efficiently too. If you’re really savvy, you can even make estimates or harvest projections based on how many Cultivar seeds you have.

You’re better prepared when you buy hemp seeds wholesale for business, recreational, or medicinal reasons. With a little planning, you’ll never have unhappy clients, suffer from strain fatigue, or go without your latest Cultivar.


You Have More Variety

Who says you need to stick to one cultivar when you buy wholesale hemp seeds

The bulk cultivars for sale here at United Strains of America come in all kinds of varieties and mixpacks, including climate-specific bundles.

Whether you have a diverse client base or prefer having a few different strains in your grow room, you can tailor your order to suit your needs. Simply fill in the bulk order form or get in touch with your account executive. 


It’s Gentler on the Environment

Last on the list but more of an overarching benefit than a direct one, buying bulk hemp seeds is more environmentally friendly.

One wholesale order requires less packaging than ten individual orders. Besides saving packaging materials, buying bulk also saves space during transportation. 

You’re also directly reducing your environmental impact when you purchase wholesale seeds. Fewer delivery trips equal a reduced carbon footprint. 

Who doesn’t like feeling good about that?


How are Bulk Hemp Seeds Packaged and Shipped?

At United Strains of America, we don’t disclose any details of our packaging online. When you buy bulk Hemp seeds (or any of our cultivars) from us, rest assured that your delivery will arrive in extremely discreet packaging.

Your bulk hemp seeds order will also not make any reference whatsoever to the nature of the goods. We apply stealth to all orders without charging extra packaging fees.

We deliver wholesale hemp seeds across the United States from our warehouse located within the United States. You don’t need to worry about international customs confiscating your package. Instead, you can enjoy swift and stealthy delivery with us.

We also offer tracked shipping as well as free shipping when you buy bulk hemp seeds

Once we’ve confirmed your order, you’ll receive a tracking ID via your provided email. Deliveries typically take 5–10 days and up to 14 days in some cases.


Which Are the Best Wholesale Hemp Seeds To Buy?

It's impossible to boil it down to just a few from over 500 options, but here are five of the most popular wholesale cultivar strain choices at United Strains of America:



Trainwreck Feminized Bulk Seeds 

Trainwreck Fem is famous for its electrifying jolt of cerebral energy. It unleashes creativity with a dose of chattiness and the giggles before eventually sending your mind and body into sleep-beckoning bliss. While it needs extra care to flourish, the sweet, zesty sativa buds are worth the effort.


Grandaddy Purple Regular Seeds 

Grandaddy Purple Reg is ideal for strain creators who want a mix of both male and female crops, prolific yields, and all the charm of indica genetics. The magenta-hued buds are resinous and ooze with berry and grape nuances.  A moderate dose promises intense relaxation after an initial cerebral boost. 


Blackberry Kush Feminized Bulk Seeds

Blackberry Kush Fem is a beginner-friendly, bud-bearing feminized strain with high . It offers sweet, hashy flowers dipped in frosty white trichomes and exuding fruity flavors. The delectable buds bring an uplifting surge of euphoria before deep relaxation sets in.


Candy Punch Regular Bulk Seeds

Candy Punch Reg is a sativa-leaning hybrid with powerful cerebral effects, moderate levels, and sweet, sticky nugs. While it needs an experienced hand, the generous harvests are well worth it. These regular seeds produce male and female crops, perfect for cross-breeding experiments.


Can You Find Bulk Hemp Seeds for Sale Online?

Of course! You can buy wholesale cultivar seeds online with us.

The bulk strains you’ll find here at United Strains of America are the best of the best. We only use authenticated and stabilized genetics to ensure premium quality, top-shelf hemp seeds.

Choose from over 500 cultivars across a vast range of varieties, including regular, autoflowering, feminized, easy-to-grow seeds.

With secure payment methods, a dedicated account executive, and free, painless, and discreet shipping, it's a no-brainer: Why shop anywhere else? 


Less Hassle and More Savings: Buy Bulk Hemp Seeds Today

Wholesale cultivar seeds come with a host of benefits. You’ll save money, be better prepared, and have more variety—all while being kinder to the environment. Our stealth packaging and hassle-free shipping promise to put a smile on your dial, too.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a home grower, buying bulk hemp seeds has never been easier or more rewarding. Choose from hundreds of options and let your account executive take care of the rest.

Get your wholesale cultivar seeds from United Strains of America and start saving precious time, money, and effort today.  


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