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Best selling hemp seeds

These amazing strains aren’t our top selling hemp seeds for no good reason! There are many reasons certain strains become our top sellers. Here we explain their popularity with growers from right across the United States.

These amazing strains aren’t our top selling seeds for no good reason! There are many reasons certain strains become our top sellers. Here we explain their popularity with growers from right across the United States…

Features of our best-selling strains 

1. Reliably ent 

The ency or strength of a strain is an important consideration for most growers. Whether you’re growing for recreational or medicinal purposes, the and/or levels of our strains will determine which is best suited to you.  

Experienced consumers and cultivators will most likely want a strain that packs a punch, seeking out with a content in excess of 20% for a mind bending psychoactive experience or ‘high’.  

If your motive for growing is to use for application, you’ll probably want a strain with a higher concentration of . Lacking the high associated with ent strains, containing higher levels of is ideal for treating a range of psychological and physical ailments. 

Naturally, our best-selling strains include both high and strains, and are considered to be the best-in-class. 

2. Most desirable effects

 Along with a strain’s ency, the effect is an important consideration for growers too. Our best-sellers are renowned for their individual effects, which range from psychotropic to therapeutic depending on the exact strain.  

In general, falls into two categories where effects are concerned: those that are mentally and physically stimulating, and those that are mentally and physically relaxing. 

Growers looking for that will bring out their creative, artistic or productive side should seek out Sativa-dominant strains. Growers wanting they can chill out and unwind with should look for strains that are Indica-dominant. 

Want the best of both? You’ll be needing a hybrid! And, of course, our best-sellers range contains hybrids too!

3. Generous yields

Regardless of whether you’re a homegrower or have a few acres out back you’ll want to get the best results from your crop. Whatever you want your to do, you’ll be wanting plenty of it and many of our best-sellers have a reputation for producing high yields. 

Made famous by commercial growers but refined over the generations to suit smaller set-ups, these strains are guaranteed to give you serious bang for your buck. 

4. Easy to grow

Okay, so it’s not child’s play but anyone can grow successfully. All you need is a bit of prep and the right equipment. Our best-sellers aren’t all beginner friendly but we stock several autoflowering strains well-known for being easy to grow and care for. 

If you’re new to growing we suggest you stick with beginner seeds to start; they might not be the most popular but they will definitely reward you with an awesome first adventure into growing. 

5. Flavor & scent

Like a fine wine or a good cheese, the flavour and scent of great indicates quality and craftsmanship. It also makes for an amazing experience! 

strains have been specially developed to embody a whole range of flavors, from zesty tropical fruits and sweet berries, right through to unctuous dark chocolate and dank diesely notes.

Our best-sellers include classic flavors and scents from around the world that are ideally suited to the American growing climate.

6. Genetically stable

As well as boasting the best features of classic strains, our best-sellers also share another characteristic - they all hail from super stable genetic lines (in other words, they all have great parents!). 

Our breeders work tirelessly to ensure our strains are strong, stable and reliable, time and time again. For growers, this means you’re assured of a high quality plant from every seed (under optimal conditions) and an awesome crop of first class . 

Meet our best-selling strains 

Selected for their popularity among American homegrowers, our best-selling seeds come in a variety of types, including feminized, autoflowering and regular seeds. 

From tried-and-tested classics to new kids on the block, our best-selling seed catalogue is guaranteed to have a strain to suit you! Here’s a flavor of what you can expect… 

White Widow (Auto) - a classic strain, this award-winning hybrid is a great antidote to the fast pace of daily life with a soothing, sedative high. You can look forward to 450 grams of bud laden with glistening resin crystals containing 25% after 10-11 weeks. 

Super Skunk (Fem) - from an illustrious family tree, this easy-to-grow hybrid contains nice levels of and making it an excellent all-rounder. To boot, you can expect a harvest of up to 500 grams per plant in just 6-8 weeks!  

Girl Scout Cookies (Fem) - an award-winning hybrid with a proud lineage and a super ent level, this is without doubt one of the USA’s finest exports. GSC is straightforward to grow with an impressive yield of up to 500 grams of bud per plant in just 8-10 weeks.  

Our best-sellers catalogue is constantly updated so keep checking back to see if your favorite strain has made the cut!

Why Buy United Strains Of America's Best Selling Strains?

Our best-selling seeds embody all the best features of our extensive seed bank. Whatever you want out of your grow, one of our best-sellers will deliver the goods. Our seeds are guaranteed 100% genuine, guaranteed fresh, and hail from reputable breeders with excellent reputations. 

Likewise, United Strains of America have an enviable track record of selling only the highest quality seeds and a reputation for excellent customer service and aftercare. We are proud to be the web's premier retailer of seeds to the USA.

Buying online from United Strains of America couldn't be easier. To place an order, all you need is a US postal address and access to one of our payment methods.

Growers can choose from a variety of strains in packs of 4, 8, 12 and 25 seeds. We're constantly updating our catalogue but if you can't find a strain, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Bulk or wholesale auto seed order? We can do that! Just fill out the wholesale enquiry form to order up to 50,000 seeds of any strain from available stock.